Albert and Lori

I met Albert and Lore when we were sending our motorcycles on a vegetable boat from Penang, Malaysia, to Belawan on Sumatra in Indonesia.

We rode together all the way down to Bali, nearly 4.000 km.

Visit their site below and get inspired! or

The Myanmar Group

We met through the internet and decided to go through Myanmar together.

Dave, Anne and Anthony from Australia / Rolf and Jochen from Germany / Iain and Dan from Great Britain / Kristján from Iceland / Floris from Nederland / Max from Russia / Garth from USA

Max was the coordinator and communicator through the preparation period and the trip as well – made a fantastic job

 The video is a small acknowledgement to Max.

We all have the same passion, to ride the world, but we do it differently.

Visit the sites below and get inspired!