Grab_radiomidun_logo Satellite Phone; Iridium Extreme.

Why chosen: Small and has the best word-wide coverage of all satellite telephones.

Radiomidun, the importer of Iridium is lending me the phone and paying all the bills!

Grab_Canon_logo Canon PowerShot S120 camera.

Why chosen: Compact, 5x optical zoom, image stabilator, Full HD and RAW format.

Nýherji, the importer of Canon, gave me the camera.

Grab_Apple_logo Apple, iPhone, Macbook Air.

Why chosen: Love the complete integration of the Apple hardware and software.

Eplið, the importer of Apple products, gave me the computer.

Grab_RMC Motorcycle; BMW F800 GS Adventure, 2014

Why chosen: The quality of the Motorcycle and the Service given by the dealer.

Reykjavik Motorcycle Center; the importer of BMW motorcycles has been extremely helpful.